Steve Smith Sells his Luxurious Mansion in Crores

Australian cricketer Steve Smith has sold his massive Vaucluse mansion for $12.38 million (67 Crore INR) at auction on Thursday night. He sold it for almost double the amount he had paid for the property, around two years back. 

 The deal was sealed under the hammer when two bidders pushed the price of the property above $6.6 million, the actual price at which Steve Smith and his wife Dani Willis had purchased it in 2020. 

Steve Smith’s four-bedroom, three-bathroom residence that was recently redesigned. (Sydney Morning Herald Domain)

The 59 Kings Road Vaucluse went over 30-minutes boardroom auction at agency Raine and Horne’s Double Bay offices. The auction started at the opening bid of $11.5 million by auctioneer Damien Cooley. Cooley is well known for his work in conducting the winning auction five times on “The Block”.

With Cooley’s expertise in auctioning, he asked $250,000 as the minimum bids. But, looking at the silence of the crowd, he adjusted it to $100,100. The bidding then jumped to $12 million when finally, the deal was sealed at $12.38 million. 

The auction was earlier supposed to take place the last month but with enormous response from the buyers, the date shifted from June 21 to July 7. 

While the deal is now sealed, the bigger question among Smith’s fans is to know what the fancy Vaucluse looks like. 

Steve Smith’s luxurious house that went for a bid (Sydney Morning Herald Domain)

The Smith and Willis’ McKim design consists of huge pillars, an entertainment terrace with a fancy swimming pool. The dining room with a bar adds more to the shine of marble kitchen with butler’s pantry. 

 The address consists of a home theatre, wine storage room, luxurious bathrooms, a double garage, and huge bedroom that comprises almost half of the upper floor with a large dressing room and a covered balcony. The house is fully equipped with latest technologies including heated floors, remote control doors, other functionalities, and external cameras. 

A room of Steve Smith’s luxurious mansion (InsideSport)

 Smith, well known as one of the world’s best batters, is also fond of renovating properties. The Vaucluse isn’t the one and only that Smith invested into. In 2015, he bought a rundown house in Balmain East at $2 million. He then renovated it and leased it for $2200 a week. To believe the markets, every house that Smith holds has a touch of sheer glamour. 

In 2016 as well, he invested $1.41 million in a company where Smith has controlling interests. That too went for renovation and then leased for $1600 a week. 

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