“…Living In Fool’s Kingdom”: Shakib Warns Against High Hopes From Bangladesh


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Shakib al Hasan has been appointed Bangladesh’s new T20I captain, but he warned people from expecting their fortunes to turn around quickly, saying that neither he nor any one person can bring about immediate change. He said that people expecting their team to undergo an immediate turnaround are “living in fool’s paradise”. Shakib has been appointed the Bangladesh T20I captain till the 2022 T20 World Cup, which will be held in Australia in October-November. The board also appointed Sridharan Sriram as their technical director.

However, Shakib is not expecting a massive change in fortunes in the upcoming Asia Cup, which begins on August 27, and said that a true indicator of their development will be seen at the T20 World Cup.

“I have no goals. My only aim is that we can do well in the World Cup and these are the preparations for it ,” Shakib was quoted as saying to reporters by Cricbuzz.

“If someone thinks that I can change things within one or two days or someone else will come to change it, then we are living in a fool’s kingdom,” he said.

“If you are able to think practically, our true development will be seen when the team really does well in the World Cup in three months’ time,” Shakib added.

He went on to say that Bangladesh are “far behind” in the format.


“See, we first played this type of version in 2006. Since then, we have not had good results, except the Asia Cup final. We are far behind in this version from that point so we have no choice but to make a new start,” Shakib said.

“When a baby starts walking [the first] steps are very difficult but gradually things become easier and I hope that we will also be able to start walking step by step like a baby and then move forward.”

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