Batter Forgets To Wear Pads During Match, Hilarious Video Takes Twitter By Storm. Watch

While cricket is a competitive and serious sport, there are times when funny incidents can happen on the field. Having said that, in a bizarre turn of events, a hilarious incident has gone viral on social media. During a village cricket match in the UK, a batter came out to bat, but forgot to put on his pads. After realising the same, the batter can be seen running back to the dugout as the opposition players and the umpire are seen having a laugh about the same.

The batter in the video is Martin Hughes who plays for Southend Civic Cricket Club.

The video of the incident was shared by That’s so Village on their official Twitter handle.

The video has gone viral since then, garnering over 11,000 likes and over 1,200 retweets.

Reacting to the video, netizens shared some interesting takes.


Here’s how the video was received by fans:

“I’ve had to bat up the order at least once because of a teammate doing this,” a fan tweeted.

“I remember once I must have been 11/12, number 3 walks out, he realises he’s only got one glove says screw it I’ll carry on. Knocked over first ball,” a user tweeted.

“I had a team-mate who never wore a box. He said that it was to ensure that he never lost concentration!!,” another user tweeted.

“I put it to you that this is absolutely prime village,” another user wrote.

“village cricket still delivering haha,” another comment read.

“Once same happened with me. I went to bat, but after playing 2 balls I got to know that my gloves are missing,” another fan commented.

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